GW Clark owns the copyright to all photographs and text on this site (unless mentioned otherwise).
No images are within the Public Domain. All images are copyrighted and registered with the US Copyright office.
My policy is similar in spirit to "Creative Commons Non Commercial", although more specific:
Besides "fair use", images may be used for free without requesting permission in the following cases:
·       sample, design, test, or layout use ("comp use") 
·       personal, non-commercial, private use (see B.1)
·       personal, non-commercial, webpage or blog, subject to posting attribution/copyright notice and linkback (see B.2)
All-volunteer organizations may obtain a free license after approval by email (see B.3)
All others will need a paid license. See how to license images.
PLEASE READ section A and the appropriate section B below for details BEFORE emailing us.
Do NOT call on the phone to request a free permission. Such requests will not be granted.
For explanations, see about our free use policy.
A. Paid license required
Image used in connection with any activity where money is earned. Includes, but not limited to:
·         use on behalf of ANY organization which has paid personnel (INCLUDING NON-PROFIT)
·         use in your professional work use for advertising, editorial or promotional purposes (including any fund raising activities and auctions),
·         use on a commercial, advertising or self-promotional web site,
·         use on a product that is sold, or contains paid advertising.

·         sample, design, test, or layout use ("comp use"), for the purpose of evaluating how a finished piece would look.
·         fair use (a complex matter where misinterpretation may expose you to a copyright infringement claim).

If you wish to reproduce any image for professional or commercial purposes, please check licensing information to learn how you can promptly receive a permission to publish and high resolution digital file. Licensing fees start at $150 (most licenses cost more). No free licenses are granted solely in exchange for credits or links.
B. Free uses
Free use is granted automatically only for images publicly accessible on the web. Request for higher resolution images may require a fee even if the use itself falls within the guidelines for free use.

B1. PRIVATE USE for personal, non-commercial purpose is free
Examples of encouraged uses:
·         Personal student schoolwork such as reports
·         Emailing a copy to a friend
·         Screen saver or background image on your computer (for higher quality images, consider a subscription.)
·         Printing a few images on your printer for decor or scrapbook ( consider getting a much nicer photographic print from us)
·         Making derivative artworks such as paintings and drawing just for yourself - not to be sold.

B2. Web use for personal, non-commercial purpose requires proper credit and backlink
You are welcome to display images on a personal, non-commercial web page or blog provided that:
·         the image is not altered by any means, including cropping of the identifying information,
·         you provide on the same page an active link to Display of "© GW Clark/" is not enough. You must add a link to

Example of appropriate code:
<a href = ""> photo by GW Clark/</a> all rights reserved

Any other image uses REQUIRE written authorization, in particular:
B3. Use for all-volunteer organizations (not the same as "non-profit") requires written permission
Free use will NOT be granted for ANY organization that has paid personnel - even part-time. For consideration, email us with the following information:
·      Name, website, background of the organization,
·      State explicitly that nobody in your organization is paid
·      Intended usage for the image(s).

If image is used on the web, requirements in B2 apply.
You are always encouraged to make a link to any of the web pages (html files) included in this server without any restriction. On the other hand, please do not embed images into a web page, that is have a direct ("hot") link (img src) to any image (jpeg file).

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